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Driek Voskens

Driek studied Theatre and Dance, and holds an MA in International Relations and International Organisations. Convinced of the potential of business to do good, he then started writing investment proposals for large-scale sustainable projects.

Driek has a knack for stripping down complex matters to their bare essence—but without oversimplifying. This means he will often start by subjecting his clients to a barrage of probing questions about their business and what makes them tick.

Once he gets a clear picture, he relies on his solid writing skills to turn the business case into a winning proposal—be it for a private investor or a public funding body.

When he is not deconstructing the universe, Driek is busy rebuilding his wooden boat or century-old home. Next to this, he and his girlfriend unite beauty and function in their own design label.

Call Driek on +‭31 647 818 783
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