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Benedict Peax raised over € 500 000 for Concr3de, including a Proof-of-Concept loan and an MIT R&D Collaboration grant with partner MgAubel

Concr3de has developed two types of 3D printers for geopolymer, a strong building material similar to concrete but much more sustainable. The printed objects are used for decorative purposes—they are a low-cost alternative to sculpting, which is too time and resource intensive for common use in the construction market.

Benedict Peax and Concr3de raised a Proof-of-Concept loan. This allowed Concr3de to develop their products without the need for an equity investment. Benedict Peax also raised an MIT R&D Collaboration grant for a collaboartion between Concr3de and MgAubel. The application ranked sixth in South Holland, out of over 150 applications.

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