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Over a period of five years, Benedict Peax has raised more than € 4 million for CTcue from a variety of sources ranging from public loans and grants to private equity

CTcue develops software that allows doctors and nurses to search for medical data across Electronic Health Record systems. The problem is that these systems were never designed with this functionality in mind. As a result, searching is virtually impossible. CTcue has developed natural language processing technology in close collaboration with doctors to solve this problem. CTcue’s search engine ingests medical data in plain text, such as doctors’ notes, and makes the data searchable through a user-friendly interface. The data is pseudonymised and made accessible in accord with privacy legislation.

Benedict Peax has cooperated with CTcue since 2014. We have supported CEO Roel Lakmaker and his team with strategic analyses, board sessions, coaching, practical support and a hands-on approach to fund raising. During the five years of our collaboration, we have raised soft loans, several grants and private equity for CTcue for a total value of over € 4 million.

The relationship is characterised by such terms as mutual respect, trust, long-term commitment, dedication and good laughs. 

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