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Benedict Peax raised € 500 000 for the development of a fire retarding compound and a further € 750 000 for the establishment of a joint venture with an Indonesian partner to produce the compound

The Compound Company (Enschede, the Netherlands) develops advanced green polymers. The Eco-Forte project aimed to develop a novel flame-retardant compound to be used instead of natural fibre in wicker, roof thatching etc. The compound was formulated in such a way as to decompose in water vapour and carbon when exposed to fire, instead of the bromides and other nasty chemicals of traditional alternatives.

The project was conducted in two phases. The first phase concerned the development of the compound itself. The second phase concerned the development of a clean industrial production process that could be implemented in simple conditions. To this effect, The Compound Company formed a joint venture with Polymindo from Jakarta, Indonesia. Both phases received ample financial support through Benedict Peax’s help.

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