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Gerben van der Wal

Gerben has a Master’s degree in Management & Organisation from the University of Groningen, with a specialisation on Advisory and International Business. For the first five years, Gerben worked as a management consultant, providing services on strategy, innovation and technology transfer. The first entrepreneurial (ad)venture followed in 2004, initiating greenfield public funding advisory branches and locations in Central and Eastern Europe. In the following years the operation grew; located in six countries, twelve offices and employing 125 people. Especially living with a young family in the city of Vienna was an epic period: his oldest son was born there.

Returning to the Netherlands, developing a greenfield public funding advisory company proved to be the next challenge, with a specific focus on the high-tech industry in the Netherlands and well as using the international network and experience. Gerben now brings nearly 25 years of experience to the table.
With a son, a daughter and a lovely wife—as well as a relentless entrepreneurial life, there is never a dull moment. Nonetheless, Gerben finds time to contribute to community life. He is a board member of the association ABC as well as the president of the local football club’s youth section.

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