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Benedict Peax raised over € 1.6 million from a variety of sources, including a Proof-of-Concept loan, an Innovation Credit and an MIT R&D Collaboration grant

Nowi develops a chip that can boost the voltage of energy harvested from ambient sources, such as wifi or mobile phone signals, motion and light. They started with the ambition to create energetically autonomous sensors, but quickly found that existing power management chips—made by big players like Texas Instruments—fell short of their requirements. As a company, they became solely focused on creating a chip to solve this problem.

Benedict Peax has been with Nowi from when they were little more than a pitch deck. We supported them with their application for a Proof-of-Concept loan from the Dutch government and later doubled their investment with an Innovation Credit, among others. Nowi is our textbook example of how a startup can benefit from our services. Our collaboration is one of continued symbiosis.

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