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Tara Bolton

We are proud to introduce you to Tara, a professional whose journey merges technical expertise with impactful innovation. Tara graduated with honours in Aerospace Engineering, a testament to her academic diligence. Her pursuit of excellence continued at NASA, where she engaged in advanced studies. However, it was the desire for tangible impact that guided her career trajectory, leading her to a dynamic role at ASML. Here, in the throes of a fast-paced and innovative environment, she excelled as a system integration engineer.

After three enriching years, Tara transitioned from focusing predominantly on technical details to consulting within the high-tech innovation sector, signifying a full circle in her passion for real-world applications of her extensive knowledge.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Tara embraces creativity in all its forms. She has ventured into various creative hobbies, showcasing her diverse interests. Notably, she transformed a passion for handmade home decorations into a successful entrepreneurial endeavour. Additionally, Tara is passionate about culinary arts, renowned for hosting an annual 7-course Christmas dinner and constantly experimenting with new recipes.

Tara continually challenges herself, a trait evident in both her career shifts and personal hobbies. Her background in technology, combined with a curious mindset and a knack for creativity, makes her an integral part of our team. Tara’s presence represents our commitment to embracing team members who are not only technically proficient but also culturally additive and versatile in their interests.

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